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Energy - electricity and gas

Utilities Disputes resolves complaints about energy including electricity, gas, LPG, solar, and EV charging stations.

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Broadband shared property access

Broadband shared property access disputes can now be referred to Utilities Disputes.

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Apartments, offices, retirement villages, marinas to participate in Utilities Disputes scheme

Do you live in a large apartment, a marina, a retirement village? If energy is supplied through a property manager, a dispute with your energy provider may now be resolved by Utilities Disputes.

Consumer NZ advises readers to contact Utilities Disputes

Consumers should contact Utilities Disputes for complaints that are not resolved with their electricity provider.

Interview with Janine Young, Ombudsman, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

Utilities Disputes interviewed Janine Young, Ombudsman, Energy & Water Ombudsman, NSW, Australia. We asked Janine about her experience regarding identifying and resolving complaints.