Media release

Utilities Disputes takes on broadband shared property access disputes

23 August 2017

Utilities Disputes has been named by Hon Simon Bridges, Minister for Communications, as the provider of the approved scheme for broadband shared property access disputes (BSPAD Scheme).

Parliament recently passed legislation giving network operators a statutory right of access to install broadband equipment on shared property. Previously network operators were required to gain the consent of all affected parties.

Now members of the BSPAD Scheme can access shared property to carry out some installations. Utilities Disputes began operating the Scheme on 9 August 2017.

On 21 August, Chorus elected to join the Scheme in order to gain the new right of access. Chorus is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company.

“We are pleased to expand our disputes resolution service to include broadband shared property access disputes. We strive to provide prompt, fair and independent resolution of utilities disputes,” said Hon Heather Roy, Chair of Utilities Disputes Ltd.

“Resolving disputes about access to shared property for broadband draws on our existing expertise in handling complaints about shared land access for electricity and gas. We look forward to working with members of the BSPAD Scheme to make our independent service available to affected consumers,” said Utilities Disputes Commissioner Nanette Moreau.

The BSPAD Scheme is for disputes about whether or not the new access rights apply, and disputes about whether a provider has met its obligations while carrying out a right of access. The Scheme can only deal with disputes about the new access rights to shared property for broadband installations.