Media release

Utilities Disputes announces Annual Report 2016–17

04 July 2017

The Utilities Disputes Annual Report 2016–17 details significant changes to the organisation following its change from the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner scheme last year as well as ongoing activity in disputes resolution.

“Many of the changes planned over the past several years came to fruition in 2016–17. The Board endorsed a name change from the Office of the Electricity and Gas Commissioner to Utilities Disputes. The Board also approved a shift to a new governance structure to ensure the Scheme remains fit for purpose well into the future,” said Hon Heather Roy, Independent Chair.

There are now 234 providers who participate in the Energy Complaints Scheme including many new entrants in the electricity market. Utilities Disputes provides a free service to those who are unable to resolve a complaint with their provider.

“Even with increased participation, our workload for electricity and gas complaints has fallen. Providers are resolving more complaints themselves. As noted in the Annual Report, our focus on facilitating early dispute resolution benefits both consumers and providers,” said Commissioner Nanette Moreau.

“However a recent UMR survey showed prompted awareness of the Scheme, even using its 15-year-old former name, is low. We are working to improve our visibility,” Nanette Moreau said.

View the Utilities Disputes Annual report.