Media release

Utilities Disputes Ltd replaces EGCC

1 November 2016

Hon. Heather Roy announces Utilities Disputes

Responding to rapid change in the New Zealand utilities sector, The Office of the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner (EGCC) becomes Utilities Disputes, Ltd today, November 1 2016.

The Board of Utilities Disputes maintains it is critical for consumers to have access and be well served by an independent service that can offer a wide range of dispute resolution expertise. “We will continue to resolve complaints in the electricity and gas industries with our tradition of quality, independence and fairness,” Mrs Roy says.

During its 15-year history, the EGCC has handled more than 50,000 consumer complaints.

Utilities Disputes will provide high quality dispute resolution in a wide range of scenarios, offering efficiency gains and ease of access for both consumers and providers. Scenarios may include ‘one big bill’ with electricity, gas, and broadband, land access, and multiple connectivity, among others.

The name change went through an extensive consultation process, and feedback was received from stakeholders and providers regarding all aspects of the change.

“Utilities Disputes will expand its range of possible dispute coverage and allow our dispute resolution skills to help consumers in the years ahead,” says Mrs Roy. “As the utilities sector evolves, Utilities Disputes will be ready to add value.”