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For 15th Anniversary: Utilities Disputes Ltd (formerly EGCC) celebrates new name and past history

4 November 2016

Hon. Heather Roy speaking

Utilities Disputes Ltd, formerly The Office of the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner (EGCC) celebrated its 15th anniversary and new name at Parliament Wellington on the evening of 3 November. The event brought together industry and consumer representatives, gas and electricity providers, former and present Board members, government representatives and the Utilities Disputes staff.

The Chair of Utilities Disputes, Hon. Heather Roy, spoke about the work and planning that went into the name change of the EGCC to Utilities Disputes. “The new name reflects changes in the utilities sector and demonstrates the commitment of this organisation to remain relevant and of service in the years ahead,” Mrs. Roy said.

Nanette Moreau, Commissioner of Utilities Disputes, recognized the work of Judi Jones, EGCC Commissioner from its founding in 2001 to March 2016. Commissioner Moreau praised Jones’ ability to guide the EGCC through its history as it grew from initially resolving electricity complaints, then adding gas complaints resolution and LPG complaints resolution to its scope.

Mrs Roy shared a message from Ms. Jones, who is currently the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman in Australia: “In its infancy as the ECC, I believe the Scheme quickly filled the need for an independent external complaint resolution scheme for the electricity industry. The survival and growth of the Scheme is a testament to its success.”

Mrs Roy also read a message from the Australian and New Zealand Energy and Water Ombudsman Network (ANZEWON): “The Commission’s overarching achievement is the excellent dispute resolution service which you have provided to the thousands of New Zealand energy customers who have needed your help. EGCC has very positively contributed to energy reform in NZ and at the same time, as part of ANZEWON, also positively influenced energy reform in Australia.”

“For our 15th year, this evening celebrates another important milestone in the history of the EGCC – now Utilities Disputes. Our role in providing expert, fair, independent dispute resolution services will grow with the utilities sector,” Mrs Roy concluded.

For more on the event, see the Utilities Disputes Facebook page.

(Pictured above) Hon Heather Roy speaks at a 15th Anniversary Celebration for Utilities Disputes (formerly EGCC).