Can we look into your water complaint?

When you ask us to look into your complaint we will check:

  • Is the complaint at the stage we can look into it?
  • Is the complaint about something we can look into?

The provider has had the chance to resolve the complaint with you

Before we look into your complaint, the provider must have the chance to resolve it with you. Your complaint is at the stage we can begin looking into it when:

  • you complained to the provider but the complaint is still not resolved after 20 working days from when you first complained (and the provider has not extended the time), or
  • the provider made it clear it does not intend to do anything about the complaint, or
  • you would suffer unreasonable harm from waiting any longer for a response from the provider, or
  • it would be otherwise unjust for you to wait any longer.

What we can look into

Your complaint needs to be about water services from a provider belonging to the Scheme.

What we can’t look into

We can’t look into your complaint if:

  • the complaint is about the price a provider sets for goods or services. However we may consider whether the provider has given you appropriate information about prices and whether the provider has applied the price correctly, or
  • more than one year has passed from the date you first became aware or should reasonably have become aware of the circumstances causing the complaint, or
  • what you are claiming in resolution of your complaint exceeds $15,000.

There may be other reasons we can’t look into your complaint. If any of these apply, we will let you know.