Outcome     Recommendation - upheld

The Complaint

Mr D complained an electricity retailer did not apply the rates it quoted when he agreed to open his account. Mr D said he switched to the retailer because of the quoted prices. Mr D also said the retailer’s service was poor and it took too long to respond to his complaint.

The retailer agreed it did not apply the rates it quoted. The retailer recognised it took too long to respond to Mr D’s complaint and apologised for the poor service.

The retailer offered to credit Mr D’s account $561.33. This included $311.43, being the difference between the rates quoted and the rates charged over a six month period, and $250 as a customer service payment.

Mr D rejected the offer and asked the retailer to continue to apply the prices it had quoted.

The Outcome

Mr D asked the Commissioner to recommend a settlement. The Commissioner upheld the complaint and recommended Mr D accept the retailer’s offer.

The Commissioner based her recommendation on the following conclusions:

  • the retailer did not charge the agreed price
  • the retailer responded poorly to Mr D’s complaint
  • the retailer did not give Mr D 30 days’ notice of an increase in price
  • the retailer offered to honour the agreed price for a reasonable period

Mr D did not accept the Commissioner’s recommendation and the file was closed