Scheme rules

Energy Complaints Scheme

Utilities Disputes operates the approved Energy Complaints Scheme under the Electricity Industry Act 2010, and the Gas Act 1992.

The Scheme rules (referred to, prior to July 2017 as the "Scheme document", and prior to April 2011, as the "Constitution") sets out the rules of the Scheme.

When incorporating Utilities Disputes to replace EGCC as the entity that formerly operated the Scheme, the rules were separated into two sets of documents - one comprising the General and Scheme rules for the Energy Complaints Scheme and one comprising the Constitution and Governance Charter.

Complaints are considered according to the Scheme rules in place at the time the events giving rise to the complaint occurred.

Previous Scheme rules

Scheme document 1 October 2014 - 31 October 2016 [PDF 635KB] This document confirms and clarifies the Commissioner's jurisdiction to consider complaints about LPG in cylinders.

Scheme document 17 June 2014 - 30 September 2014 [PDF 427KB] This document allows the Commissioner to consider indemnity disputes between members.

Scheme document 1 April 2014 - 16 June 2014 [PDF 606KB] This document made administrative changes related to the operation of the Board and the Scheme.

Scheme document 1 October 2012 - 31 March 2014 [PDF 366KB] This document made changes following an independent review of the Scheme in 2011.

Scheme document 1 April 2011 - 30 September 2012 [PDF 407KB] This document is dated 7 April 2011 because the amendments to remove the power of the Board to expel members came into force on that date. All other clauses in the document came into effect on 1 April 2011. 

Constitution 1 December 2010 - 31 March 2011 [PDF 802KB] This document added jurisdiction for complaints about reticulated LPG.

Constitution 1 November 2010 - 30 November 2010 [PDF 820KB] This document made the changes associated with the passing of the Electricity Industry Act 2010. 

Constitution 1 April 2010 - 31 October 2010 [PDF 778KB]

Constitution 1 January 2009 - 31 March 2010 [PDF 619KB]

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