Broadband Shared Property Access Disputes Scheme

Utilities Disputes offers a service to resolve disputes that have not been resolved by members. When you contact us, we will ask if you have raised your problem with the member involved.

All members must have a free internal dispute resolution process to help address the problem.

Our goal is for parties to resolve disputes themselves, before they reach the end of our disputes process.

If the dispute is not resolved, the Commissioner will make a determination. If you do not accept the Commissioner's recommendation, you can refer the matter to a District Court, but you must do so within five working days. Determinations are binding on members.


Disputes about statutory rights of access

The Commissioner can only look at disputes about the statutory rights of access under subpart 3, part 4 of the Telecommunications Act 2001. These statutory rights of access apply to installations of broadband equipment on shared property.

If you have a telecommunications dispute that is not about these statutory rights of access, we may direct you to Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR).

Dollar value of complaints

The Commissioner can consider claims for amounts up to $50,000.

Mandatory for operators exercising their rights of access to join Utilities Disputes

All network operators exercising the stautory rights of access under subpart 3, part 4 of the Telecommunications Act 2001 must belong to the Scheme.

If you think this may apply to your organisation, please contact our office and we can give you further instruction.